Friday, December 25, 2015

vChannel video on demand app (TV content from HK, China, South-Korea and Japan)

vChannel video on demand app (TV content from HK, China, South-Korea, Taiwan and Japan)

vChannel is a free video on demand app with TV video's from Hong Kong, China, South-Korea, Taiwan and Japan. This app has daily HK news video's. latest TV series and variety shows from Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan and Japan. It is updated almost every day. You can choose from multiple sources and there is even Chinese or English subtitles on some video's (including TV series from South-Korea).

The quality of these video's is on average decent, some video's are even in HD quality (for example, South- Korea TV series video's). These video's are apparently from a streaming site. I have noticed quite a lot of streaming sites have Android apps.

Basically, you have to install the vChannel app on an Android TV Box. Almost any Android TV Box can do the job, they only differ in CPU chipsets and amount of memory and Android OS version. I would choose for a Android TV Box that has at least A9 cores, 1GB RAM and at least Android 4.4 OS making it more future proof.

Since this is an Android app, you can of course also install this app on your Android phone or Android tablet to test it out first, but I think it's more convenient to install it on an Android TV Box eventually instead of connecting your phone or tablet to your TV.

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After you have installed the vChannel app and opened it, you just have to add Channel. Type in the following address in the popup (see screenshot below):

vChannel download link:vchannel

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Blog introducing TV apps to watch TV video from Asia

Blog introducing TV apps to watch TV video from Asia

I am going to introduce TV apps on this blog which allows you to watch TV video's from Asia (this includes Hong Kong, China, South-Korea and Japan).

These days, there are quite a lot of apps that has this video on demand service.